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Posted By Chalkbrd

Pop-Soda Map In the United States, people have different words for a soft drink.  If you go to a restaurant and want to order one, it's good to know what to expect.
Here is a map to show you where people use each term.  According to this map, most people call a soft drink a "pop."  This is the word they use most in Indiana (the state I live in).  In a restaurant, I might say this:

  • Me:  I'd like a pop, please.
  • Waitress:  What kind?
  • Me:  Sprite.

If you are in the northeast part of the United States, a region we call New England, the conversation in the restaurant might be like this:

  • Me:  I'd like a soda, please.
  • Waitress:  What kind?
  • Me:  Sprite.

My ex-husband, who was from Detroit, Michigan, used to call it a soda pop.  When we went to a restaurant, he would order like this:

  • Ex:  I'd like a soda pop, please.
  • Waitress:  What kind?
  • Ex:  Sprite.

In the southern part of the United States, though, they use the word Coke to mean a soft drink.  If I ordered in a restaurant there, it might sound like this:

  • Me:  I'd like a Coke, please.
  • Waitress:  What kind?
  • Me:  Sprite.

It can be confusing so if you're traveling in the United States, it's best to know all these words they may use for the same thing:  soft drink, soda, pop, soda pop, Coke.


Can you answer these questions?

  1. What are there other words for a soft drink?
  2. Which word is most used in Indiana?
  3. What kind of pop would I order?
  4. Which word is used the most in the United States?
  5. What do we call the region in the northeast of the United States?
  6. What word do they use for a soft drink in New England?
  7. Who used the term "soda pop"?
  8. Where was my ex-husband from?
  9. What part of the United States will call all soft drinks a Coke?
  10. Does where I travel make a difference in what people will call a soft drink?


Posted By Chalkbrd

The word webinar is a combination of two words, seminar and web.  A seminar is a meeting to learn something.  A webinar is a seminar on the Internet

I like to teach webinars.  When I teach at a webinar, I teach from my home.  I sit at my computer at home, and I teach people who are in different places.  Some people are even in different countries..

Webinar Screen


To teach a webinar, I use software by Adobe.  The software allows many people to communicate with each other.  It is kind of like Skype.  Skype is a good software to allow two people to communicate with each other.  My Adobe sofware allows up to 100 people to communicate with each other.  I can teach 100 people at the same time.

I can show them different kinds of things.  I can show them my webcam.  I can show them a PowerPoint presentation.  I can show them a video.  I can show them things on my computer.  I can put in documents, and other people can download them.

Webinars are a great way to learn things no matter where you live!


Can you answer these questions?

  1. What two words combine to make the word webinar?
  2. What is a seminar?
  3. Where does a seminar take place?
  4. Do I like to teach webinars?
  5. Where am I when I teach a webinar?
  6. Where are the other people when I teach a webinar?
  7. What do I use to teach a webinar?
  8. Is the Adobe webinar software exactly like Skype or only kind of like Skype?
  9. How many people can be in one of my webinars?
  10. What kinds of things can I show people who come to my webinars?


Posted By Chalkbrd

Hi, everyone!  I haven't written since last year.  I'm sorry.  At midnight on New Year's Eve, my computer screen went out.  That means it stopped working.  It didn't exactly go out, though.  It had lots of lines on it.  The lines made it very difficult to see anything.

Now I have a new laptop computer.  It is a nice computer.  It is a Dell.  Dell is the brand of computer I like the most.  This is my third Dell laptop.

Since I got my new computer, I've been transferring (moving) my files.  I had lots of files on my old laptop.  Now I have most of the files on my new laptop.  There are some files I still have to transfer.

Maybe with my new computer I won't get behind in my blog entries.  Thanks for reading!


Can you answer these questions?

  1. When was the last time I wrote a blog entry?
  2. When did my computer screen go out?
  3. What does "went out" mean?
  4. Did my laptop screen go out completely?
  5. What did my laptop screen have on it?
  6. What do I have now?
  7. What kind of computer is it?  (What is its brand?)
  8. What brand of computer do I like the most?
  9. What have I been doing since I got my new computer?
  10. Do I have all of my files on my new laptop or do I have most of my files on my new laptop?