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Posted By Chalkbrd

Today I'm hiring my niece to mow my lawn.  I am not feeling well so I can't mow my lawn this week.  The grass is very long, and my lawn needs to be mowed.  Since I can't mow my lawn, I need to hire someone else to mow it for me.

I am hiring my niece to mow my lawn.  She will mow my lawn for me, and I will pay her for mowing it.  When you hire someone, you pay them money for doing work for you.  I am hiring my niece so I will pay her money for doing work for me.  I will pay her for mowing my lawn.  She will help me by mowing my lawn, and I will help her by paying her.  It works out well for both of us.


Can you answer these questions?

  1. Who am I going to hire to mow my lawn?
  2. Why can't I mow my lawn this week?
  3. Why does the lawn need to be mowed?
  4. What am I going to do since I can't mow my lawn?
  5. What is my niece going to do for me?
  6. What does it mean to hire someone?
  7. When someone is hired, what do they get for doing the work?
  8. Why will I pay my niece?
  9. Who will help me by mowing my lawn?
  10. How will I help my niece?


Posted By Chalkbrd

A good topic to talk about is the weather.  Everyone is interested in the weather.  It is now summer in Indiana so it is hot here.  Last week it was very hot.  The temperature was above 100 degrees Fahrenheit last week.  This week it is cooler.  It is only about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Storm
Where I live, there is a lot of humidity.  When it is hot and humid, we say it is muggy.  If it is hot and the humidity is high, it feels hotter than it is.  We call that the heat index.

Hot weather often brings thunderstorms.  There are supposed to be thunderstorms tonight.  My dog, Renny, doesn't like thunderstorms.  She never sleeps when there are thunderstorms.  When she doesn't sleep, I don't sleep either.  I hope we don't have any thunderstorms tonight.


Can you answer these questions?

  1. What is a good topic to talk about?
  2. Who is interested in the weather?
  3. What season is it now in Indiana?
  4. How hot was it last week?
  5. Is it hotter or cooler this week?
  6. What do we call it when it is hot and humid?
  7. Does humidity make the temperature feel cooler or hotter?
  8. What does the heat index show?
  9. What often brings thunderstorms?
  10. Why do I hope we don't have any thunderstorms tonight?


Posted By Chalkbrd


While I was at the teachers conference, my pets stayed at home.  I couldn't take my pets with me to the conference.  I have three pets.  I have a dog and two cats.

My dog is named Renny.  She stayed at the veterinarian's while I was at the conference. 

A veterinarian (also called a vet) is a doctor for animals.  The vet can keep dogs and cats when people travel.  I'm glad Renny stayed at the vet's because it was very hot outside.

The cats stayed at home while I was at the conference.  They didn't stay at the vet's.  The cats are more independent than the dog so they can stay at home when I travel.  I leave lots of water, food and cat litter for them when I travel.  The cats are named Pinta and Blackee.

My pets are glad that I am home and I am too.


Can you answer these questions?

  1. Where did my pets stay while I was at the conference?
  2. Could I take my pets to the conference?
  3. How many pets do I have?
  4. Do I have more cats or more dogs?
  5. What is my dog's name?
  6. Where did my dog stay while I was at the conference?
  7. What is a veterinarian?
  8. Where did the cats stay while I was at the conference?
  9. Are my cats more independent than my dog?
  10. What are the names of my cats?


Posted By Chalkbrd

I was at a conference this week.  The conference was far from my home.  It was in St. Louis, which is a city in Missouri.  I don't live in Missouri.  I live in northern Indiana.  I had to drive 7 hours to get to St. Louis. House
Today I had to drive back home.  I'm happy to be home.  I like to travel, but I also like to come home again.

There is a movie called, "The Wizard of Oz."  It's about a girl who traveled away from home.  To get home again, she had to say, "There's no place like home."  It's good to travel, but it's good to come home again.  When we like our home a lot, we often say, "Home sweet home."  This phrase means we think our home is sweet or very nice to be at.  Right now, I feel like there's no place like home and that I love my home sweet home.


Can you answer these questions?

  1. Where was I this week?
  2. Where was the conference?
  3. Do I live in Missouri or Indiana?
  4. How far away from my home is St. Louis?
  5. What did I have to do today?
  6. Besides traveling, what do I like to do?
  7. What movie does the saying, "there's no place like home" come from?
  8. What does "there's no place like home" mean?
  9. What saying do we have when we like our home a lot?
  10. Am I happy to be home?


Posted By Chalkbrd

Hotel    Usually when I travel, I stay at a hotel.  Now I am traveling so I am staying at a hotel.  I am at a teachers conference.  A conference is a big meeting.  Teachers come to a conference to learn things.  There are many teachers at this conference.
Most of the teachers come from the United States, but there are teachers from other countries too.  Because there are many teachers, the conference is at a big hotel.

Big hotels can cost a lot for a room.  I am staying at a different hotel.  It is a smaller hotel.  My hotel is close to the conference hotel.  My hotel is cheaper than the conference hotel.  It costs half of what the conference hotel costs.  I am saving money by staying at the cheaper hotel.  I like to save money.  Because I'm saving money, I can stay an extra night in the hotel.


Can you answer these questions?

  1. Where do I usually stay when I travel?
  2. Where am I now?
  3. What is a conference?
  4. Why do teachers come to a conference?
  5. Where do most of the teachers come from?
  6. Why is the conference at a big hotel?
  7. Am I staying at the conference hotel?
  8. Which is more expensive, my hotel or the conference hotel?
  9. How am I saving money?
  10. What can I do because I'm saving money?