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Posted By Chalkbrd

 Pen  Grammar tells us the rules for using a language.  Grammar helps us use a language correctly.  Using good grammar is important.  It helps you to sound intelligent in another language.
But, what is the best way of learning good grammar?  Some people say we have to memorize the grammar rules of a language.  Other people say you don't have to memorize grammar rules.  Which is best?

In 1976, some researchers studied this.  They put students into two groups.  One group memorized grammar rules.  One group didn't memorize grammar rules.  After three years, the researchers saw no difference between the two groups.  The two groups wrote the language at the same level.

Researchers saw a connection between reading and writing.  When people read a lot, they write better.  They use grammar better.  Researchers also saw a connection between hearing good grammar a lot and speaking with good grammar.  People who hear the language a lot will speak with better grammar.

Good grammar is important.  The best way to have good grammar is from listening and reading in the language.

Can you answer these questions?

  1. What does grammar tell us?
  2. Why is using good grammar important?
  3. Some people say you have to memorize what?
  4. When did some researchers study memorizing grammar?
  5. What were the two groups the researchers put the students into?
  6. How long was the study with the two groups?
  7. Did the group who memorized the rules write better in the language?
  8. What connection did researchers see between reading and writing?
  9. What connection did researchers see between hearing good grammar and speaking?
  10. What is the best way to have good grammar?


Here is an article on grammar and language learning. (It is not in easy English.)

Posted By Chalkbrd

The last few days it has been chilly.  It's autumn here, and the weather in autumn can be warm, cold, or anywhere in between.  Chilly is in between warm and cold.  When it's chilly, we need to wear a jacket, a sweater, or a sweatshirt.  When it's cold, we need to wear a coat.  Autumn Leaves
This morning it was chilly in my house.  It was 60° Fahrenheit in my house this morning.  When it gets cold, I turn on my furnace.  The furnace warms my house.  But I don't want to turn on my furnace yet.  Running the furnace can be expensive.  I am trying to wait before I turn on the furnace.

Without the furnace running, though, my house is chilly.  Instead of running the furnace, I am running a space heater.  The space heater warms a small area of my house.  The furnace warms my whole house.  This is why the space heater is less expensive.  It costs less to run a space heater than to run a furnace.

The weather this week is going to be sunny, but it will be chilly.  I think I will be using my space heater each morning.


Can you answer these questions?

  1. What has the weather been like these last few days?
  2. What season is it here?
  3. What can the weather in autumn be like?
  4. What term do we use for a temperature between warm and cold?
  5. When do we need to wear a sweater?
  6. What was the temperature in my house this morning?
  7. Do I turn on my furnace when it's chilly or when it's cold?
  8. What warms my house?
  9. What warms a small area of my house?
  10. Which costs less to run, the space heater or the furnace?


Posted By Chalkbrd

Winter in Indiana

I'm getting behind on things.  That means it's October 2nd and I'm posting the September 26th entry.  I'm behind on my blog entries.  I should have posted the September 26th entry last week, but I didn't.

I got behind in posting my blog entries because I've been working on new products.

It takes time to make new products.  When I work on new products, sometimes I don't have time to do other things.  I haven't had time to work on my blog.  That's why I'm behind on my blog.

When you get behind on something, then you have to catch up on it.  I'm going to try to catch up on my blog entries.  I'm behind on three blog entries so I have to catch up on three blog entries.  I'll catch up on my blog entries by writing one each day instead of one every other day.

I'm going to try to catch up on my blog entries, but I still have to work on more new products.  I might be behind on my blog entries, but I'll keep trying to catch up on them.


Can you answer these questions?

  1. When am I posting this blog entry?
  2. When should I have posted this blog entry?
  3. Why am I behind in posting my blog entries?
  4. What was I working on instead of posting my blog entries?
  5. What does it take time to make?
  6. What haven't I had time to work on?
  7. What do you have to do when you get behind on something?
  8. How many blog entries am I behind on?
  9. How will I catch up on my blog entries?
  10. Do I still have to work on more new products?

Posted By Chalkbrd

On Wednesday, I went to a health fair with my mother.  A health fair is a place where you can meet people who offer different health services.  These people sit at tables and we walk around to talk to them.  One man sold special shoes.  These kinds of shoes are used by people who have special needs for their shoes.  One woman sold special foods for people who need to have a special diet.

Some people gave us screenings.  A screening is a type of quick test to see if you need more tests for a special health condition.  My mother had a hearing screening.  The man at the table put a camera inside her ear to see if her eardrum was okay.  Another screening was to check our lung capacity.  This showed how much air our lungs could hold.  I didn't do well on the lung capacity.

A health fair is a good way for lots of people to check some basic health problems.  A health fair is usually free and the screenings are usually free as well.


Can you answer these questions?

  1. Where did my mom and I go on Wednesday?
  2. Where do you meet people who offer different health services?
  3. Who walks around to the tables?
  4. What kind of shoes did one man sell?
  5. Who would buy the special food one woman sold?
  6. Is a screening a quick test or an in-depth test?
  7. What kind of screening did my mother have?
  8. What type of test showed how much air our lungs could hold?
  9. Who didn't do well on the lung capacity screening?
  10. How much do the screenings at the health fair cost?


Posted By Chalkbrd

In the last entry, I was going to try to fix my computer keyboard.  I said you should wish me luck.  When you wish someone, "Good luck!" you're hoping things will go well for them.  The computer keyboard is now fixed so I had good luck in fixing it.  I was nervous about fixing it because I'd never fixed one before.  It works fine.

Sometimes when we wish someone, "Good luck!" we cross our fingers.  Crossing our fingers is a way to wish someone, "Good luck!."  To cross our fingers, we cross our middle finger over our index finger.

Children will use this gesture behind their backs for something different, though.  When children cross their fingers behind their backs, it is usually because they promised something and they don't want the promise to work.  For example, a child might say, "I promise I'll clean my room."  If they have their fingers crossed when they say it, then they don't have to do what they promised.  Having their fingers crossed means they know they aren't going to do what they promised.

So, thanks for keeping your fingers crossed that I could fix my keyboard.  And, with my fingers crossed behind my back, I'll say that I promise to write an entry in my blog every day.


Can you answer these questions?

  1. What was I going to try to fix in my last entry?
  2. What do you mean when you wish someone, "Good luck!"?
  3. What did I have good luck in doing?
  4. What gesture do we make when we wish someone, "Good luck!"?
  5. Which finger goes over the index finger?
  6. Where do children usually cross their fingers?
  7. Are children wishing someone, "Good luck" when they cross their fingers?
  8. When children cross their fingers behind their back, are they going to keep their promise?
  9. Did you keep your fingers crossed for me to fix my keyboard?
  10. If I'm keeping my fingers crossed behind my back, do you think I'm going to keep my promise?