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Today my mom and I went Christmas shopping.  Christmas is December 25th.  It is a national holiday in the United States.  Most people do not have to work on Christmas.

On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  We celebrate Christmas by giving gifts to others.  Today my mom bought gifts for her great-grandchildren.  Her great-grandchildren are the children of her grandchildren.  She has 15 great-grandchildren.

Every year she buys her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren ornaments.  Ornaments are small statues we put on our Christmas trees.  We put them on our Christmas trees to decorate them.

We bought lots of ornaments to put on our Christmas trees.  My mom and I will wrap the ornaments.  We will put colored paper around them.  We will put bows on them.  The great-grandchildren will open the presents.  The great-grandchildren will hang the ornaments on the tree.

My mom bought other Christmas presents.  I can't tell you what the other presents are.  They are a secret.  They are a secret so they can be a surprise on Christmas.


Can you answer these questions?

  1. Who went Christmas shopping today?
  2. When is Christmas?
  3. What kind of a holiday is Christmas?
  4. How do we celebrate Christmas?
  5. Who did my mom buy gifts for?
  6. How many great-grandchildren does my mom have?
  7. How often does she buy her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren ornaments?
  8. What are ornaments?
  9. What will we wrap?
  10. Why can't I tell you about the other presents my mom bought?


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