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Posted By Chalkbrd

It's now February 1.  I'm writing this just after midnight.  I just came in from outside.  I took the dog outside for a few minutes.  When I took the dog out, I walked out barefooted.  It was so warm I could go out barefooted.  If you go barefooted, you don't wear any shoes.  I didn't wear any shoes when I went outside just after midnight on February 1.

I live in the state of Indiana.  Indiana is a state in the Midwest.  Normally in the Midwest we have lots of snow in January.  We haven't had much snow this January.  There isn't any snow on the ground right now because it's too warm.

It's also normally very cold in Indiana on February 1.  It's not cold now.  It's very warm now.  Normally it's colder than 32 degrees.  Yesterday, January 31st, it got up to 56 degrees.  It is now 50 degrees just after midnight on February 1.  It's very strange to be this warm at this time of night on this day.

The weather is certainly crazy this winter!


Can you answer these questions?

  1. Am I writing this a long time after midnight or just after midnight?
  2. Where did I just come in from?
  3. Why did I go outside?
  4. How did I walk outside?
  5. What does going barefooted mean?
  6. Where do I live?
  7. What kind of weather does the Midwest have in January?
  8. Why isn't there any snow on the ground right now?
  9. What temperature did it get up to yesterday?
  10. Is it normal or is it strange to be this warm at this time of night on this day?


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